Scoville E-Commerce Site

Website Brief

Build an e-commerce platform and integrate a system for customers to register their guarantee. The guarantee form should intelligently link a customer to a product SKU using an item number that is printed on each product.

We worked alongside the in-house design team to implement their draft designs and adapt them for multiple screen sizes.

Customers who fill out the product registration guarantee form can also sign up to a mailing list to receive future marketing material and special offers.

Customers who find their products are out of stock can sign up to a waiting list in order to be notified via email when the product is available.

The system prints PDF invoices and Packaging slips that are used in the post room. It also integrates with Parcelforce WDMO


E-commerce platform
Multiple Product Categories
Intelligent guarantee registration form
Integrated SEO tracking and analysis
Custom product tabs for displaying technical specifications
Buy Now – Pay Later
Print PDF Invoices and Packing Slips
Easy creation of data tables with product info
Parcelforce Integration
Waiting list for out of stock products
Integrated review slider